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In-class workshops

East Bay LORe is offering interactive classes and presentations on a selection of Nature- and Environmental-Education topics. The workshops are designed to supplement and enrich the current State of California Science Curriculum for schools and home-schooling groups and can be adjusted to the needs of any specific age or abilities group. All workshops and presentation are directly associated with the San Francisco Bay Area natural environment.


All classes are 45 minutes long.


The fee is $150 per class, or $500 for 4 classes.

Currently Available Topics:

About the Environment:

Watersheds and Water Cycle in The Bay Area

Populations Change: Native and Immigrant Plants

The Hidden Link: Decomposition



Seeds and Seedlings

Flowers and Pollination

Plant Communities



Underfoot: Little Animals from the Forest’s Basement

Residents and Visitors: Birds of the Bay Area



It Is Our Fault: About Earthquakes and Bay Area Faults


Rocks, Forming and Weathering

A Tome of Time: Fossils

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