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Nature – It cannot be dulled and flattened into textbooks. To learn it means getting out there and experience it first hand.

To feel the textures of tree bark, to see the colors of lichen on rocks, to hear the bird calls, smell the flowers and to taste the wild herbs – East Bay LORe gives your children the opportunity to put all of these and much more into the context of the State of California Science Curriculum.


In this age of information downpour, when knowledge of Nature is accessible from every corner of our world and environmental concerns are of global scale, Earth is summarized, edited and flattened into textbooks, films and internet sites to be readily downloaded into our minds. 

Bay Area Day Hikes

East Bay LORe offers professional hiking guidance to groups of 20-50 people within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Guidance includes: trail selection to suit the group’s hiking ability and special interest, meeting the group at the trailhead and leading the hike, informative 

Field Trips and In-Class Workshops

Nature-hike programs are arranged by themes. The natural settings for each program is thoughtfully selected to highlight the main points of the program’s topic. Incorporated in each nature hike are age-appropriate hand-on activities. Registration can be done to each program individually or to the entire theme series. Program adjustments can be done according to the teacher or group leader’s specifications.


Browse the different and choose the upcoming event/s you wish to register to.

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